Autumn wreath with scarecrow, crochet pattern

Crochet Christmas wreath ornament – yarn & hook – knitting is as easy as 1, 2, 3 knitting comes down to three essential skills. These are the cast, the knit stitch and the cast. These three techniques form the backbone of knitting. Master them and you're officially a knitter. As simple as that! 1 CAST ON The adventure begins! Turn loose yarn into neat stitches. Knitting stitch Illustration 2 KNITTING STITCH This simple stitch forms the backbone de

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To make the wreath, I started by working single crochet stitches around the wreath form. I made sure to keep them close together and counted them so I had a multiple of 3 for my next round. For round 2, I worked a v-stitch all the way around. For round 3, I also worked a v-stitch with 4 chains in between the double crochets rather than just one. This left a sweet little scalloped edge. When finishing off, I made sure to create a loop for hanging the wreath


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