Easter decoration: Easter door wreath with colorful flowers / Eas – Easter decoration garden concrete

Easter decoration: Easter door wreath with colorful flowers / Easter decoration: wreath with Easter bunny made by ChriSue via First of all, accept the ultimate in nature. That is, paint things right … # flowers

My husband drilled 12 holes (4 cm deep) into the side of a 4 cm thick tree disc (approx. 20 cm diameter) with a 10 mm drill. I fitted twelve crescent-shaped willow twigs into the drill holes with the thicker end (sharpen a little with the kitchen knife). I wired opposite branch tips with …

Make DIY hydrangea wreath yourself: wreath of hydrangeas, wax flowers, pistachio tie wreaths. Autumn wreath autumnal decoration idea natural decoration homemade

Christmas craft ideas for a magically decorated home

Advent bar (e.g. as an alternative to the advent wreath). Made from old and rustic wood, processed in old wood look, brushed & flamed. Decorated and with the candles on candle plates. The numbers are placed on cut slate slabs with small pendants.

Advent arrangement, Advent wreath, Christmas Advent oblong, natural pink country house

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Make door wreaths with eucalyptus yourself: Here you will find great DIY ideas for autumn and Christmas from minimal.wohnen, Herzstueck and many more! # eucalyptus #wreath #flower wreath # door wreath

25 cheap and easy DIY home and garden projects with sticks and branches – DIY decorative garden

Last year my favorite Christmas decoration was made of eucalyptus – do you remember the garland? It hung almost until May because eucalyptus is wonderful to dry. This year I tried the trendy wreaths that can be seen all over the social media channels. For a long time I looked for such a ring and then I just decided to ask in the flower shop. And lo and behold, the dear saleswoman conjured you up from under the counter …


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