How to DIY a Dollar Tree Jute Wreath

This wreath was made with dollar tree items, except for the "H" and the last bow. I started this project with 5 packs of this decorative rope and a metal wreath frame 14 inches in diameter from the dollar tree. I started weaving the rope from the outer edge over then under the next wire, then over the next, then under the next wire. In the next row again over, then under, then over, then under. With this second row I start pulling the first piece of rope and enclosing it in the bottom …

Sunflower wreath with inexpensive Deco Poly Mesh and the Unique in the Creek flower board. See the details and video at Trendy Tree! #trendytree #sunflowerwreath #sunflowertutorial

Learn how to make a cute egg wreath, rabbit napkin holder, and a rabbit tray with dollar supplies. Full video on / …

Simple Pipe Cleaner Wreath Ornaments – Crafts – Water – Art – #Crafts #DIY #Simple #Wreath #Art

Christmas wreath: DIY Christmas wreaths and holiday door hangers, #DIY # door hangers #and #Holiday #Christmas wreath

Easter wreath from wooden balls

DIY ombre wreath. How to get raw cardboard paper, cardboard and Elmer's new CraftBond Less Mess hot glue sticks & hot glue gun to make DIY decorations in minutes! Source of laisseluis


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