Make Advent wreath and enjoy the most beautiful family party

fir tree branches advent wreath pictures window decoration

Advent Candles / Wreath for tutorial visit www.eabdesigns.ty …

Advent boxes replace the wreath: After we have not found an ideal place for our Advent wreath over the years, we replaced the wreath with cans last year. Now our row of Advent cans is on the windowsill, first one, then two, then three, then four … Here … read more

Do you want to keep your Christmas decorations nice, trendy and minimal? How about try something new this holiday season? You may want to try Scandinavian Christmas decorating. Scandinavian, also known as Nordic style, is a trendy and modern decorating mainly characterized by its cozy, rustic and minimalist style. It's all about black and white, woodsy, wreaths made of pine leaves, rustic lanterns, pinecones, twigs and tree branches. You May Also Want to Read Top 40 Wooden Christmas De …

Advent wreath tying DIY instructions for beginners: tying advent wreath (with eucalyptus) advent wreath eucalyptus 10 1024×768

5 minutes of DIY wooden disc wreath tutorial, #DIY #wood disc #wreath #minutes #tutorial

80+ Beautiful Christmas Wreath IdeasBrighter Craft

Mindfulness DIY: tie winter wreaths yourself

DIY for a wintry macrame wreath with a scandi look. You can find the instructions at


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