Sausage, Easter decoration homemade • Pomponetti

Sausage, Easter decoration homemade • Pomponetti

No instructions, but do these acorn pumpkin lanterns for Samhain in September before the snow falls.

34 Popular Christmas wreaths decoration ideas – HOMEPIEZ

Chandelier Circle Farm Living, 2.2 cm Farm Living

DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath I have a simple tutorial and project for all of you. Be the new trend for wreaths and you can imagine the endless possibilities with it. For my friend Erika, who has twin girls, I created a couple of DIY embroidery wreaths. I help her design … Read more

DIY for a floral wreath in a classic Scandinavian design. Very light and delicate and ideal for every occasion. Whether for baptism, wedding or as a birthday decoration. This wreath is simply a wonderful decoration idea.

50 paper craft ideas – flowers, garlands and door frames

Santa Claus made of steel – stamps, viewpoints and handicrafts with Stampin & # 39; Up! – –

Her course on Haupt 14 is included in the film bleu navy et blanc. Cette Couronne and its decor are decorated with the bateau and the main course. Cela fera an excellent update to our house or bateau. This course is recommended for interior design, third-party connections, or door-to-door connections. Check out the essays and posters of the elements of nature.

Decoration and DIY blog – creative ideas for a beautiful home DIY – flower wreath light – white & vintage


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