Tulip wreath DIY – beautiful and simple! | The How To Mom

Tulip wreath DIY – beautiful and simple! | The How To Mom

DIY sunflower wreath craft

You won't believe how quick and easy this DIY hydrangea and fern wreath is! Decorate your door for spring or summer with this beautiful wine wreath decorated with neutral flowers and greenery. #homedecor #DIY #tutorial #

This week's project – a DIY sisal rope ring. I painted it brownish because I wanted to weave a rope around it and I knew parts of the frame would be exposed. The weaving process was fairly straightforward: I went over one wire and under the next, and then wrapped myself around the inner (and outer) wire to start over.

Christmas decorations wreath how to do it! Easy DIY in less than an hour. You can also do this in different colors and materials for other holidays!

How to make a rag wreath

Christmas DIY decor | | Erica from What The Clique

Add some glamor to the Christmas season by making a DIY ornament wreath! The best part is that you can match it to your other Christmas decorations with your favorite colors! Easy to make and budget friendly!


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