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Summer wreath by the sea inspires spring wreath

I made a floating Easter wreath from an old lampshade, feathers, branches, catkins and eggs! Absolutely safe from small children's hands!

Summer Wreath Home Decor Spring Wreath by CadeauDeLaNature

DIY: Scandi wreath made of wooden balls – lavender blog

Spring door wreath "Baumel-Herzel" by Deko-Idee Eolion on

19 fresh looking handmade spring wreath designs, #looking #fresh # spring wreath designs #handmade

Easter is approaching with big steps and small things like souvenirs or small gifts are often missing. Sew small rabbit bags with us for Easter.

Andrea's DIY column

Color Easter eggs in a different way: DIY marbled Easter eggs with nail polish can easily be made by yourself

BEST SELLER Spring Wreath for Front Door Spring by FleursDeLaVie


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